Stock Your Pantry With These Heart-Healthy Superfoods


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world, but it doesn’t have to be. Our diet directly impacts heart health, which means that making a few changes to what you eat can save your life. If you want to stabilize your cholesterol, lower blood sugar, or help clear your arteries, you’ll want to pick up these heart-healthy foods that are often overlooked.

Learn which common foods can help unclog your arteries and keep your heart healthy.

Chia seeds have made their way into plenty of diet fads for their high fiber. However, chia seeds also offer unsaturated fatty acids, which the American Heart Association recommends to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Chia seeds have more calcium and magnesium than milk, which lowers blood sugar and blood pressure.

Black and White Chia seeds sit in ying-yang shaped dishes

Sandy Huffaker/Corbis via Getty Images

The Journal of Food Science and Technology reports that the alpha-linolenic acid in chia seeds blocks out sodium and calcium dysfunctions which cause hypertension. This acid, along with the seeds’ high omega-3’s, regulates heart rate. The review concludes that alpha-linolenic lowers a person’s risk of heart failure.

There’s good news for people with a sweet tooth.


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