Here’s The Best Route To Bigger Biceps With This Superset Workout


There is something liberating about hitting the gym to focus on one muscle group. Most of the time you should be doing balanced workouts that hit your whole body, but sometimes going into a gym knowing you’re going to blast your biceps, is almost relaxing compared with having to think about how to structure your session to work different muscles.

Curls are the key when bulking up your biceps. You need to get the pacing of your workout right to truly test your biceps, and also do a variety of curls so you’re working the muscles from all angles, and the routine below does exactly that.

It consists of six exercises done in three supersets. That means you do the first set of exercise A, followed immediately by the first set of exercise B. Rest for the allotted period, then start on the second consecutive sets of A and B. Once all the sets of superset 1 are completed, move on to superset 2.

You’ll also find the exact tempo you need to work at alongside the sets and reps information for each exercise.

The first number is the time in seconds you should spend lowering the weight, the second number how long you should pause at the bottom of the move, the third number is how long to take to lift the weight, and the final number is how long you should wait at the top of the lift.

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