9 Foods That May Increase Your Risk of Cancer


You may be thinking, just about everything causes cancer these days, so who cares? But the 9 products have been scientifically proven to increase the risk of cancer. One out of three people develops cancer! You can take action today to protect your health against cancer in the future. First, you need to know which 9 foods you should avoid from now.

Canned tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes are very good for your health and even help you prevent cancer. Pay attention! This is not the case with canned tomatoes! How is this possible? Most cans are provided with a thin layer on the inside, which is usually made of bisphenol A (BPA). Research shows that BPA affects the hormonal activities in your body and the way the genes function in your brain.

Because tomatoes are so sour, this is extra dangerous! The acid releases the toxic chemical from the can and leaks into the tomatoes. BPA shows a connection with different types of cancer, heart disease and fertility problems. Our advice: put canned tomatoes aside right away and choose tomatoes in glass or fresh tomatoes instead.

Farmed salmon

Natural fish, especially salmon, is known as one of the healthiest foods. But not all salmon products are actually healthy! In Europe, a large part of the salmon is farmed in farms. This fish receives unnatural food and is often contaminated with chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides and other carcinogenic substances found in materials such as asbestos. Farmed salmon is also fatter than fresh salmon, so it absorbs more toxins. Make sure you choose fresh instead of farmed salmon!

Processed meat

If you’re a meat lover, it might be hard to give up tasty sandwiches and a piece of meat. But be careful with eating processed meat products! This is a long list that includes sausage, bacon, hot dogs and most cold cuts for bread. Years of study are showing us that 1 out of 17 people died who ate 160 grams of processed meat. That’s 44 percent more cancer risk than people who ate 20 grams or less! Meat processing uses a huge amount of chemicals and salt to keep them looking fresh. A large number of preservatives are also used, including the same substances that you find in cigarette smoke! Do you want to reduce the risk of cancer? Then we advise you to put the processed meat products aside and only eat fresh meat products.

Potato chips

They may be cheap, easy, and delicious. But these crunchy, addictive snacks can kill! Potato chips contain artificial flavors, dyes, and various preservatives. Another risk is the presence of acrymalide. This is a substance that occurs in cigarettes. These are chemicals that your body is not waiting for at all and significantly increase the risk of cancer. For example, try oven-baked potato chips, tortilla chips, baked apple chips, whole-grain pretzels, or even chips made from bananas. Protect your health and give your body a much healthier snack than potato chips!

Light products

You may think you’re doing the right thing when choosing a food with a ‘diet’ or ‘low fat’ label. We’re sorry, but you’re actually doing a lot more harm than good. The chemical artificial sweetener aspartame is the major culprit that causes cancer, birth defects and heart problems. All foods that you see in the supermarket marked light or low in fat are chemically produced and made from insidious ingredients. So, pay attention: everything labeled ‘low fat’ or ‘diet’ is chemically processed and is not real food! These foods also contain additives as found in cocaine. These additions are there to make you feel good, but they are also very addictive. Be smart and eat nature’s delicious, natural foods like fruits and vegetables.

Red meat

Pay attention if you like a delicious steak! People who eat meat such as steak and burgers on a daily basis are at greater risk of developing deadly cancers. The risk increases as much as 22% for men and 20% for women. Red meat is particularly good at causing colon cancer. So, enjoy your steak every now and then, but don’t do this more than once a week. If you’re craving red meat, stick with grass-fed, organic beef.

Vegetable fat or oil

Vegetable oil cannot be obtained naturally but is removed by a chemical process. They are often used in many foods that you have in your kitchen. This is to preserve the lifetime and color of the products. Unfortunately, these oils cause many victims and are the cause of cancer, birth defects and heart disease. Therefore, NEVER cook with vegetable oils but use healthy oils such as olive oil, soy and canola instead.

Refined sugars

Refined sugars not only provide weight gain but are also cancer cells’ favorite food! To grow and multiply, cancer cells prefer sugars who are filled with fructose. Fructose is considered one of the leading causes of cancer and is found in every candy you can imagine. Foods like cake, pie, biscuits, juice, soda, cereal and many more popular products are stuffed with it. With so many people addicted to sugar treats, it’s no wonder the cancer rate is still booming.


Yes, milk is healthy. But consuming high intakes of dairy products has been linked to cancer, because of milk’s hormone and fat content. For instance, a review of 32 studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition connected a high amount of dairy to prostate cancer. This was backed by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Prostate isn’t the only cancer influenced by dairy. In 2014, researchers followed over 22,000 lactose intolerant individuals to record dairy’s impact on health. They reported that lactose-intolerant people have a lower chance of contracting breast, lung, and ovarian cancers. You don’t have to remove milk from your diet, but don’t overdo it, either.

Microwaveable Popcorn

In the late 2010s, article headlines announced that popcorn could cause cancer. While nothing inside popcorn poses a cancer risk, the lining inside the microwavable bag does. Research in 2013 found that these bags contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a chemical that encouraged pancreatic, testicular, and liver cancer in animal studies.

But will eating the popcorn spread PFOA? According to a 2019 study in Environmental Health Perspectives, participants who ate this popcorn had PFOA in their blood. It can remain there for three to five years. To avoid the chemical, cook homemade popcorn.



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