8 Signs That Bugs Have Moved Into Your House


We all tend to think that our houses are completely bug-free, but this is probably not the case. A study found that over 100 kinds of different bugs live in an average home. No need to worry though, the majority of those are harmless and so small that we have no chance of finding out that they are even there. On the other hand, the insects that bring destruction or carry disease might also be hard to spot.

our team want to help you make sure that no harmful bugs have made themselves comfortable in your house, so here are some signs to look out for.


1. You get random bites.

Even though having a few bites is pretty normal during the summertime (especially if you spend a lot of time outside), you should be concerned if you get them at other times, like for example if you wake up with bites. It might be a sign that your house is infested by bed bugs. Deep-clean, vacuum everything in your bedroom and throw away clutter to solve this problem.

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