17 Signs You Might Have Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most discussed diseases nowadays, and for a very good reason. In this day and age, it has been estimated that a whopping 25% of the world’s population has diabetes in one of its types or all at once. Diabetes is the result of the imbalance of insulin in the body, which regulates glucose absorption by the cells which is required for producing the energy the body needs to work at full throttle. A decrease or increase in insulin, which factory in the body is the pancreas, jeopardizes all of the body’s functions, and it can even lead to death, which only goes to show how diabetes is nothing to scoff at.

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There are three types of diabetes. Type 1 is one of the two most common types, with type 2 taking the lead in spread over the population. As for the third type, it remains as the middle brother, unmentioned and disregarded in the face of type 2’s 90% rate globally.

While manifold are the treatments for diabetes, they remain as nothing but regulators instead of healers. There is yet no permanent treatment of diabetes, which makes it a rather tedious disease to have as a diabetes patient has to change their entire lifestyle in order to be able to function remotely normally. Diabetes is the kind of disease that starts off subtle. As such, all the minute signs must not be ignored.

To help you diagnose diabetes prematurely, here are 17 pre symptoms of diabetes you should never ignore.

1. Excessive hunger and thirst

What happens is that the body is overwhelmed by the task of processing glucose in your bloodstream. Water is pulled out of cells to try and flush away the excess, but in the process, all the important nutrients your body needs, including the glucose itself, are lost.

The result is a cycle of dehydration and hunger that eating and drinking more only perpetuates.

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